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Which width dog leash is suitable for my dog?

The NOOFF® BioThane belts and/or in combination with fat leather are available in 3 different widths:

  • 1.3cm - suitable for dogs 4-8kg
  • 1.6cm - suitable for dogs 7-20kg
  • 1.9cm - suitable for dogs 17-65kg

With each leash we ask the breed and weight of your dog. This way we can check whether you have chosen the correct width. The wider the belt, the heavier the belt becomes.

Not every type of belt is suitable for all width sizes. With each NOOFF® dog leash you can see which widths are available.

When you order a leash, please state the dog breed and weight. We take into account that the carabiner weight suits your dog and is therefore not too heavy or too light.

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What length dog leash suits my dog ​​best?

The length of a dog leash is very personal . It's about what you and your dog like. But dog schools also have certain height requirements if you train with them. Ask your own dog school about this.

Almost any length is possible from 1 meter to 25 meters.

  • Hunting lines are often chosen in a shorter length such as 1.2m or 1.5m
  • Regular dog leashes are usually chosen to be 1.8m
  • Adjustable, also known as hands-free, belts are most commonly sold from 2.5 m. From 2.5 you can easily walk hands-free.
  • Long lines are usually chosen 10m or 12m

If you like your dog to have a lot of sniffing space, choose a longer length.

Are you getting or do you have a puppy?

The right size dog leash for your puppy depends on whether it is a small or (medium) large dog breed. A leash that is too heavy is not good for your puppy's neck.

  • Small dogs, such as a Dachshund puppy, need a lighter leash compared to a Labrador, Vizsla or Australian Shephard puppy

Which leash suits your puppy best?

  • For a (Standard) Dachshund or Border Terrier puppy you can choose a width size of 1.6 cm
  • For example, for a Labrador, Vizsla or Australian Shephard, it is best to choose a 1.6cm wide leash
  • When you order a leash, please state that you have or are getting a puppy. We take into account that the carabiner weight suits your puppy and is therefore not too heavy or too light.

Please note: if you order a specific puppy leash, you may need a heavier leash as your dog gets older, also for safety reasons.


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