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NOOFF® Dog Cave | PRE SALE | Anthracite & Offwhite

NOOFF® Dog Cave | PRE SALE | Anthracite & Offwhite

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What size cave is suitable for my dog?

  • Size S | 65cm diameter: up to a back length of approximately 30cm. Up to about 11kg. (Dachshunds, Chihuahua, Jack Russel, cats)

  • Size M | 90cm diameter: up to a back length of approximately 50cm. Up to about 20kg. (small Vizslas, Beagles)

  • Size L | 115cm diameter: up to a back length of approximately 75cm. Heavier than 20kg. (Vizsla, Ridgeback, Weimaraner, Dalmatian, Labrador)

Please note: The above is a guideline. When in doubt, choose the largest size. Keep in mind that many dogs like to sleep both curled up and stretched out in a dog cave.

How do I measure my dog's back length?

1. Let your relaxed dog stand

2. Measure from the shoulder blades to the tail insert with a flexible measuring tape

Please note: do not measure your dog lying down or from the highest point of the head including tail

  • With orthopedic memory foam filling (refillable)
  • A safe and secure sleeping place for your dog
  • The outer cover can be washed in the washing machine

Does your dog like warmth and security? Then the NOOFF® dog cave is the ideal sleeping place for your dog!

The NOOFF® dog cave gives your dog a safe and secure feeling. In addition, the NOOFF® dog cave has even more benefits for you and your dog:

This dog cave has an orthopedic filling made of memory foam . The filling reduces pressure on your dog's joints . In addition , the orthopedic filling takes the shape of your dog when your dog is sleeping and springs back when your dog leaves the cave. You don't have to shake the cave every day. In addition, you can easily add or remove filling from the inner cover. This way your dog always has a wonderful place to sleep!

You can easily wash the outer cover in the washing machine . The herringbone motif makes stains and dog hair less noticeable. How nice is that.

The inside of the cave has a very soft teddy fabric in the color off-white . Because the teddy fabric is off-white, dogs dare to lie in this dog cave faster and easier compared to a dark color.

The underside of the cave is waterproof with anti-slip. This means the cave stays in place on any floor and does not slide away. The dog cave is also suitable for floors with underfloor heating.

Your dog can sleep in it with or without an arch. This is easy to slide in or remove. Some dogs don't like an arch in the cave. Our own Nova (Vizsla) sleeps in it or lies on top of it; so a bow is not nice for her either.

At the front of the NOOFF® dog cave you will find a handle so that you can easily move the cave.

It is always nice and warm in the NOOFF® dog cave. Does your dog also want something in his or her back and does your dog not like to lie on a flat cushion? Then this cave is also suitable for your dog.

The cave is ideal for holidays - in the tent, a cold floor in a house, your dog is always 'familiar' and warm.


What are the advantages of this cave?

  • outer cover is easy to wash in the washing machine
  • orthopedic filling (refillable through a zipper)
  • Due to the herringbone pattern and lighter stains, you are less likely to see stains
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Anti-slip bottom so the basket stays in place
  • extensively tested by our own Nova (Vizsla) and other dog friends

What material is this cave made of?

The outer cover:

  • 50% cotton / 50% polyester
  • 100% polyester teddy

The filling:

  • 100% non-woven cover (with zipper)
  • filled with A-quality memory foam flakes (orthopedic)

Can this cave be washed?

Yes, the outer cover of the cave can be washed in the washing machine. Don't do this too often, so your cave will stay beautiful for the longest time.

Tip! You can also wipe the outer cover with a damp cloth for the worst stains.

Washing instructions outer cover
Try to wash the outer cover as little as possible , the less you wash it, the longer the cave will remain beautiful.

  1. Remove the tube
  2. Turn the outer cover inside out
  3. Close the zipper
  4. So do not wash separately with other products (otherwise you run the risk of your other laundry smelling like a wet dog or an old snack smell).
  5. Wash the outer cover in a large laundry bag available from Zooplus. This way you protect the outer cover, but also your own washing machine
  6. Washable at 30 degrees , delicate wash program
  7. Use a detergent without bleach . Otherwise the outer cover may discolour
  8. Do not put in the dryer , let the cave dry on a clothes rack
  9. Do not let it dry in the sun , otherwise the cover may discolour
  10. Do not iron & do not bleach


Is this cave suitable for a puppy?

We recommend that you only purchase this cave once your dog has replaced all its teeth and no longer has biting or demolition behavior , so that you can all enjoy your cave for the longest time.

This cave is not suitable for puppy teeth.

Is this cave suitable for both summer and winter?

Yes! But do look carefully at your dog. Our own Nova, a Vizsla, lies in her cave when it is 30 degrees outside, but also in winter.

How do I teach my dog ​​to sleep in the cave?

It is important that you help your dog get into the cave during the first few weeks.
Over time they can and dare to get into it themselves.


  1. Hold up the blanket for your dog. Place a snack in the cave so that your dog can easily reach it.
  2. Hold up the blanket for your dog. Now place the snack a little further in the back of the cave and keep practicing this. Always place the snack a little further in the cave.
  3. Does your dog stand in front of the cave on its own? Then hold the blanket up and give your dog a snack as a reward as soon as he crawls into the cave.
  4. Eventually your dog will automatically stand in front of the cave and encourage your dog by lying down in the cave on its own. If your dog is lying comfortably in his or her cave, reward him with a snack or a 'sleep well'.

Is there always a tube required in the cave?

No. The pipe keeps the entrance to the cave always open.

You don't have to use a tube , we don't use a tube for our own Nova (Vizsla)

Can my dog ​​also lie on top of the cave?

Of course! This is easier for your dog if there is no tube in the arch.

Is this cave suitable for all dogs?

We recommend this cave for dog breeds that like to lie under a blanket and dogs that generally get cold a little faster than other dogs.

A dog breed such as Australian Shepards, Shepherds, etc. has less of this need, so we do not recommend it for these types of breeds.

What are the advantages of this orthopedic filling?

This orthopedic filling reduces pressure for both your dog's spine and joints.

You do not have to shake this orthopedic filling every day compared to a filling that is normally made of siliconized fibers or cold foam flakes.

This basket is suitable for both young and older dogs. The NOOFF® dog cave is therefore ideal for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Why is the right size so important?

  • If you do not choose the right size, your dog will never like to lie down in the cave, or perhaps not at all. Often a dog will not lie down in it if the size is small.
  • To prevent your dog from getting cold in the cave.
  • The wrong size cave can lead to restlessness in your dog and a poor night's sleep.
  • The wrong size dog cave can lead to sore muscles or joints. And with that hip and/or back problems.

NB! Once your dog has discovered the NOOFF® dog cave, there is a chance that he or she will not get out anytime soon. We are therefore not liable for all the cuddles that you miss because your dog is sleeping soundly.

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well +200 five-star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use & test the products ourselves before we sell a product. We can then give you good advice if you have any questions
  • Available 7 days a week via the WhatsApp button (bottom right) or DM via Instagram

Delivery time and shipping costs?

Delivery time

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