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The best dog coat at the moment is from Non-stop dogwear. Good quality, suitable for all dog breeds and easily adjustable.

The ideal all-weather dog coats

Vizsla draagt Non-stop dogwear regenjas fjord groen en grijs
Golden Retriever draagt Non-stop Dogwear Honden Winterjas Glacier 2.0 Oranje/Zwart
Corgi draagt Non-stop Dogwear regenjas Fjord in de kleur zwart

Non-stop Dogwear Dog Coats

Non-stop Dogwear is a Norwegian company that specializes in products for active and adventurous dogs. Non-stop Dogwear focuses on innovation and quality, the products are made so that they last a long time.

They mainly focus on active dog sports. Such as canicross, trekking or running with your dog.


Both the raincoat model Fjord and winter coat model Glacier 2.0 from Non-Stop dogwear are suitable for dogs that like to run. The dog coats give your dog a lot of freedom of movement , have a perfect fit and are therefore suitable for all dog breeds from small to large. 

These dog jackets are also suitable for dogs with a longer back and somewhat shorter legs, such as the dachshund and corgi.

Reflective details

There are reflective details on the hips, under the stomach and on top of the back. This also makes your dog stand out from traffic in the dark.

Good quality

This jacket is made of materials that are resistant to wear and tear , so it will last a long time, even with frequent use. The waterproof coating remains effective even after frequent washing. This means that you will enjoy this raincoat for years to come without having to worry about the quality.


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