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Non-stop dogwear dog raincoat Fjord | Orange/Black

Non-stop dogwear dog raincoat Fjord | Orange/Black

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Which size dog coat is suitable for my dog?

>>Watch this video so you choose the right size for your dog

These raincoats are also suitable for dogs with a longer back and somewhat shorter legs, such as the dachshund and corgi.

step 1: Measure your dog's length from the shoulder blades to the base of his tail with a flexible measuring tape
step 2: Check the size chart to see what back length your dog has
step 3: If your dog is between 2 back length sizes, we recommend choosing the largest size

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  • A real all-weather dog coat that is suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable for all dog breeds. Also for small and large dogs including dachshunds and corgis
  • Does your dog wear a harness? This is possible with this jacket through a special opening

This Fjord dog coat from the Non-stop dogwear brand. This is not only suitable as a raincoat, but this is a dog (rain)coat for all seasons .

This Non-stop Dogwear raincoat Fjord is made of high-quality waterproof and breathable materials. This keeps your dog really clean and dry in rain, snow or wind. Your dog will stay dry even during the heaviest rain showers.

All stitching seams of the raincoat are additionally sealed on the inside with a special tape, making this raincoat also waterproof at the seams .

The inside of this raincoat is smooth and has no lining , so hair is not easily left behind in the fabric. As a result, your dog will have no or fewer chafing marks on the coat.

The Fjord raincoat is also windproof , so you can also use it to keep your dog warm or on days when the wind blows hard. There are 2 elastic bands attached to the hind legs, so you can put your dog's legs through them. This ensures that this jacket stays in place, but also that the jacket does not blow up in strong winds. This coat has no lining and is therefore also suitable for dogs with a thick coat that want to use this dog coat as a winter coat.

Small round openings have been added on the chest part of the raincoat. These openings prevent water or dirt such as mud from collecting under the breast.

This Fjord raincoat has a long collar that also covers your dog's neck. Easily adjustable due to the adjustable waist belt. The collar is adjustable at 2 points by means of elastic with an adjustable stop, at the neck and chest. You can easily adjust the collar when the dog is wearing the coat, so that less rain and wind can get through the collar. There is also adjustable elastic at the end of the back near the tail.

Reflective details are visible on the hips, under the belly and on top of the back, so that your dog also stands out to traffic in the dark.

This jacket is made of materials that are resistant to wear and tear , so it will last a long time, even with frequent use. The waterproof coating remains effective even after frequent washing. This means that you will enjoy this raincoat for years to come without having to worry about the quality.

The Fjord raincoat is lightweight and fits easily in the included bag.

Which size coat is suitable for which dog breed?

Every dog ​​is different, your dog may be small or large for a particular dog breed. The following are guidelines for adult dogs:

  • Vizsla size 55/60/65
  • Border Terrier size 33/36
  • Standard Dachshund size 36/40
  • Corgi size 40/45
  • Australian Shephard size 60/65/70
  • Ridgeback 65/70/75
  • Frisian Stabyhoun 55/60
  • Golden Retriever size 70
  • Boxer size 60/65

Do you need help with the right size? Contact us.

Is this raincoat suitable for all dog breeds?

Of course! For all dog breeds from large to small.

These raincoats are even suitable for dogs with a longer back and somewhat shorter legs, such as the dachshund and corgi.

So do you have a Vizsla, German Shepherd, Labrador, Boxer, Jack Russel, Corgi or Dachshund? This dog raincoat model Fjord from Non-Stop Dogwear fits every dog .

View the detailed size guide or video below.

What are the advantages of this dog coat?

  • suitable for all dog breeds from small to large.
  • also suitable for dogs with a longer back and somewhat shorter legs, such as the dachshund and corgi.
  • This dog coat can be used in all seasons of the year, you don't just have to use it as a raincoat, ideal, right?
  • easy to wash in the washing machine
  • waterproof, windproof & breathable
  • easy to put on your dog
  • well adjustable
  • Made from the best materials so it will last a long time
  • Your dog can wear this dog coat while walking, cycling, canicross or during training

Can I wash this raincoat?


  • First clean the jacket thoroughly so that there is no hair or sand left on the jacket
  • Place the jacket in a special laundry net for delicate laundry , so the jacket remains 'separated' from the rest of the laundry. The chance of the jacket being damaged (especially important for the taped seams) is therefore minimal and will therefore remain beautiful for longer
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Use a washing program for 30 degrees Celsius . Make sure your washing machine is not too full
  • The detergent must not contain bleach, otherwise your jacket may discolour
  • In principle, it can be tumble dried at a low temperature, but we do not recommend this. Simply dry the jacket on a clothes rack
  • Do not iron
  • Chemical cleaning is not permitted

Is this raincoat suitable if my dog ​​wears a harness or harness?

Of course! A special opening makes it possible to wear a harness under the raincoat.

Hoe dik is de vulling?

Deze regenjas heeft geen vulling.

Moet je de elastieken bij de achterpoten gebruiken?

De elastieken hoef je zeker niet altijd gebruiken. Het jasje kan wel sneller opwaaien bij harde wind. 

Houdt hier rekening mee mocht je de elastieken niet willen gebruiken of als je hond het niet fijn vind.

Waar is het elastiek bij de staart en kraag voor?

Elastiek bij de staart: door het elastiek te verstellen kan je het jasje nog beter passend maken voor de ruglengte van jouw hond. Zo kan je de ruglengte korter of langer maken. Net wat jou hond nodig heeft qua pasvorm.

Elastiek bij de kraag: je kan de kraag dichtsnoeren tegen harde wind en/of regen.

Ik heb het jasje thuis ontvangen, hoe controleer in de maat?

Als je het jasje thuis hebt ontvangen, controleer goed of je de juiste maat hebt gekozen. 

Laat je honden een tijdje binnen lopen met het jasje. Zo kan je echt goed controleren of de lengte klopt in de rug. Met het lopen wordt het jasje ietsjes korter in de rug. Dit gebeurt ook als je zelf een broek dragen. Gebruik het jasje pas buiten als je zeker weet dat de maat goed is.

Zorg ervoor dat er niet gerookt wordt in huis. Mocht je het jasje retour willen sturen moet jasje schoon en vrij zijn van vieze rook- en hondengeuren.

Hoe leer ik mijn hond het jasje aantrekken?

Stap 1: houdt een snack voor de opening van de kraag en laat je hond zijn kop erdoorheen doen

Stap 2: maak de verstelbare buikriem vast

Stap 3: haal de achterpoten door de elastieken

Stap 4: wandelen maar!

Als het jasje nieuw is zal het jasje nog wat stug zijn. Het jasje wordt soepeler bij gebruik.

Technical specifications

  • Made of 100% Polyester with a 100% Polyurethane membrane
  • 5,000mm breathability, so your dog does not get stuffy, which is what you see with many rain jackets
  • Reflective details
  • Taped seams, making the jacket wind and waterproof
  • Elastic leg bands so that the jacket stays in place
  • Duraflex buckles
  • Nylon webbing

Why are not all sizes/colors in stock?

We have the best-selling sizes and/or colors in stock. You can easily see which size/color is in stock if you click on size variant above.

There are a total of 5 colors, in 14 different sizes. It is therefore difficult to have all sizes and colors in stock.

We can order more quickly , so as soon as you place an order with us we will order it for you.

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use & test the products ourselves before we sell a product. We can then give you good advice if you have any questions
  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well
  • Available 7 days a week via the WhatsApp button (bottom right) or DM via Instagram

Delivery time?

  • 'ready to ship' items ship in 1-2 business days
  • shipping of all NOOFF® collars & leashes in 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered both a NOOFF® collar or leash and a 'ready to ship' item? Lasts 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered a Non-stop Dogwear dog coat that we do not have in stock? Please allow 5-10 working days for your entire order
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
De ideale regenjas!

Ik was op zoek naar een praktische én mooie regenjas voor onze Shiba Inu Lio. Deze regenjas van Non-stop Dogwear heeft het allebei! Een stijlvolle regenjas gemaakt uit een aangename stof en makkelijk aan te passen aan de staart en in de nek door middel van de elastiekjes. De maatwijzer was in ons geval erg accuraat. Voor Lio de perfecte regenjas!

Non-stop dogwear hondenregenjas Fjord maatwijzer

Size guide

>>Watch this video so you choose the right size for your dog

These raincoats are also suitable for dogs with a longer back and somewhat shorter legs, such as the dachshund and corgi.

step 1: Measure your dog's length from the shoulder blades to the base of his tail with a flexible measuring tape
step 2: Check the size chart to see what back length your dog has
step 3: If your dog is between 2 back length sizes, we recommend choosing the largest size

Are you still unsure about the size for your dog? Please contact us, we can help you choose the right size.

Do you want to be sure whether you have really chosen the right size for your dog?

Also check your dog's chest size and head size as in the instruction video above

Mini and maximum chest circumference & head circumference:

  • Size 24: chest circumference 27-37cm, max. head circumference 31cm
  • Size 27: chest circumference 29-42cm, max. head circumference 34cm
  • Size 30: chest circumference 30.5-45cm, max. head circumference 36cm
  • Size 33: chest circumference 33.5-51cm, max. head circumference 38cm
  • Size 36: chest circumference 36.5-56cm, max. head circumference 39cm
  • Size 40: chest circumference 38.5-61cm, max. head circumference 44cm
  • Size 45: chest circumference 41.5-66cm, max. head circumference 46cm
  • Size 50: chest circumference 44.5-71cm, max. head circumference 47cm
  • Size 55: chest circumference 48.5-76cm, max. head circumference 51cm
  • Size 60: chest circumference 51.5-81cm, max. head circumference 57cm
  • Size 65: chest circumference 55.5-88cm, max. head circumference 58cm
  • Size 70: chest circumference 56.5-91cm, max. head circumference 59cm
  • Size 80: chest circumference 59.5-98cm, max. head circumference 68cm
  • Size 90: chest circumference 66-107cm, max. head circumference 74cm