Maintenance NOOFF® Dog Reward Bag

You can also wipe the bag regularly with a damp kitchen towel for the worst stains.

The NOOFF® dog treat bag can easily be washed in the washing machine:

  • Try to wash the reward bag & handle as little as possible , the less you wash it, the longer the bag will remain beautiful.
  • Mainly wash the separate removable reward box, which gets dirty the quickest and can easily be washed separately
  • Place both the reward bag and the handle separately in a laundry bag or lingerie bag. This way you protect the reward bag but also your own washing machine
  • Wash the bag separately from the other laundry (otherwise you run the risk of your other laundry smelling like a wet dog or an old snack smell)
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees , delicate wash program
  • Use a detergent without bleach . Otherwise the bag may discolour
  • The reward bag should not be put in the dryer , let it dry on a clothes rack
  • Do not let it dry in the sun , otherwise the bag may discolour
  • Do not iron & do not bleach

If you have any more questions about the NOOFF® dog reward bag, please contact us here .

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