How do you ensure that your collar and/or leash remains beautiful?

Do you often go to the beach or forest?

For all NOOFF products, if they come into contact with sand and/or seawater, the accessories, BioThane or grease leather will remain beautiful for less time.

When you walk alone with your dog in the city, your collar or leash will of course remain beautiful for longer.

lange hondenlijn 5 meter met handvat biothane in kleur sage


Do you want to quickly clean BioThane leash or collar?

  1. take a damp/wet cloth and rub off all the dirt
  2. Dry your leash, collar or long line with a dry cloth
  3. FINISHED! You can use your NOOFF leash, collar or leash again at the same time for the next walk

Has your BioThane leash/collar or leash become very dirty? Then follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the leash or collar briefly under the tap and rinse off the dirt
  2. very dirty? Then use the washing-up brush!
  3. You can possibly clean the material with a mild soap
  4. rinse briefly with water
  5. then dry with a clean and dry cloth
  6. FINISHED! You can use your NOOFF leash, collar or leash again at the same time for the next walk

If you want them to stay beautiful for longer, rinse the collar or leash under the tap after every walk and dry with a towel.

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Leren hondenhalsband met naam en telefoonnummer kleur donkerbruin

Fat leather

  • the NOOFF® grease leather collars can withstand a little water and mud, but not too much. Clean it with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use cleaning agents or too much water. This can damage the leather.
  • Are there scratches on your leather collar? Then rub the leather with your hands, because then the oil in the leather will come back to the surface. The scratches will then disappear like snow in the sun.
  • In principle, oiled leather does not need to be greased with oil or wax, because the leather is already impregnated. Do you still want to do this? Then use an oil or wax that is specifically suitable for greased leather.
  • If your collar or leash has become wet, place it to dry on a clothes rack, for example, and not on a warm radiator, as this can cause the leather to dry out. Do not let your leash or collar dry in the sun.
  • Greased leather can transfer color if it gets wet on your hands or your dog's coat, keep this in mind.
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