Halsband met naam Biothane in sage en groen



The silver hardware is made of nickel. Do you want hardware that stays beautiful for a long time and do you often go to the beach? Then choose the silver, but rinse it with tap water after every beach visit.

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Luxe hondenriem met naam gemaakt van leer en biothane in de kleur poeder en cognac



Made of solid brass . Remains beautiful for a long time but will take on a bronze-like color over time.

On the d-ring, buckles or carabiners, a greenish discoloration occurs due to oxidation in light colors of BioThane and/or leather.

Don't you want this? Then choose a dark BioThane/leather color.

Do you often go to the beach? Choose silver or brass. But rinse your collar with tap water after every beach visit

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Hondenriem in olijfgroen en cognac gemaakt van biothane



This is a coating and loses the black color with use. As soon as the black layer is removed, the zinc color (=brown color) will become visible and rust formation may occur over time.

Don't use a collar or leash with black hardware when you go to the beach.

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