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Border Terriers dragen de Orbiloc Clip
Australian Shephord draagt orbiloc carabiner, speciaal voor honden met een lange vacht, blauw kleur lampje

Do you want your dog to be clearly visible in the dark or in foggy weather and therefore more visible to traffic?

Then attach the Orbiloc safety lights to your dog's leash or collar. They also stay on all sizes of NOOFF® collars and leashes.

Why an Orbiloc Safety Light for your dog?

  • a safety light that you can easily put on and take off your dog, but can also easily attach to clothing, bags, belts, harnesses and collars
  • a 360-degree visibility, even at great distances
  • water resistant and shock resistant
  • Energy-efficient lights, so the batteries last a long time
  • easy to clean
  • super durable and strong
  • has a flat design and is therefore suitable for small and large dog breeds.
  • available in various trendy colors that you can match with your NOOFF® collar and/or leash.

Do you want your dog to stand out even more in the dark?


The Orbiloc Dog Dual safety lights are the ideal lights that make your dog super visible in the dark or foggy weather!

Interested in a reflective collar or leash?

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