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Do you want to sell our NOOFF® products in your (web) store?

This is now possible!

Together we can see which NOOFF® range/colors/products best suit your webshop or physical store.

Good quality and products that last a long time, that is what you can find at NOOFF®. Whether it is our own brand NOOFF® or the other brands that we sell.

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NOOFF®, more than your regular dog store! Was founded in 2022 and is a webshop for dog products. We sell products that are often not for sale at 'standard pet stores'. We also develop our own NOOFF® products.

NOOFF® was founded by me, Marscha van der Velden. After my HBO fashion management studies, I worked for over 15 years at various well-known fashion and home brands as a product developer & buyer.

Developing collections, coming up with new products and having them produced by manufacturers is my passion!

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The NOOFF® products

  • BioThane and leather dog collars
  • (adjustable) dog leashes
  • BioThane trolling lines
  • waterproof reward bags
  • More new NOOFF® products will be added in the short term, which we have developed ourselves, so ask about the possibilities
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Do you want to develop a private label product for your brand/company?

Do you have a cool idea for your own product? Or perhaps an entire collection? But you have no idea how and where to start? I can help you with this.

Thanks to my years of experience as a buyer & product developer at various fashion and home brands, I can make this possible for you!

I have a lot of fabric and product knowledge & connections with various factories and I am aware of the latest trends!

We will look at your wishes together:

  • what do you want these products to look like?
  • Which (product) properties must the products meet?
  • which colors suit your brand or company?
  • how many pieces do you want to purchase?
  • What purchasing and selling price should the product receive?
  • Production will only start after approval of the product samples

We are happy to think along with you! Have we discussed everything? We will then work for you to find a suitable manufacturer to develop your products.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities?

Tell us more about:

  • yourself
  • your company (webshop or physical store), but also think about: which brands do you currently sell, etc.
  • Which NOOFF® products are you interested in?
  • or maybe you want to develop your own private label product? Let us know what you have in mind

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