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Vizsla draagt Biothane hondenhalsband en hondenriem 2 kleurig in passie roze en emerald
Golden retriever met verstelbare handsfree hondenriem Biothane

Dog leash with name and phone number

Are you looking for a dog leash with name and/or telephone number? We stamp the name and/or telephone number into our NOOFF® collars and leashes and therefore do not fade and therefore always remain clearly visible

Do you want to be able to walk or run with your dog with your hands free?

Also called hands-free walking or running. Then choose the 3x adjustable belts such as the INDY or QUBI. You can adjust this even more easily with the adjustable ring, so that you can easily wear it around your shoulders or hip.

Do you want a belt that stands out in the dark?

Then choose one of our reflective belts. When the stripe is illuminated or when light falls on it, the reflective part reflects. This makes your dog stand out in the dark.

Made of the material BioThane and/or leather

Our NOOFF® collars and leashes are made of BioThane or a combination of BioThane and greased leather. BioThane has the advantage that it is easy to clean & waterproof. But it also doesn't absorb bad odors, so your dog can safely roll through the poop and mud. Just under the tap and your belt is clean and smells fresh again.

Dog leash sizes

We have 2 different widths: 1.6 cm & 1.9 cm and are suitable for dogs from 5 kg to 65 kg. This makes our NOOFF® dog leashes suitable for very small dogs, but also for large dog breeds.

Design Your Own dog leash

At NOOFF® you can put together your dog leash all by yourself. You can choose from many trendy BioThane and leather colors, 3 different colors of hardware silver, gold and black to choose from. As a result, you have a unique leash for your dog that (almost) no one has.


All collars & leashes are handmade by ourselves in our own workshop in Arnhem.


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