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Double stop hunting lines made from the original BioThane. If you want to quickly leash your dog, a hunting leash is the ideal leash! Design your own yacht line with the designer tool.

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Teckel draagt jachtlijn met dubbele stop BioThane zwart

Do you want to be able to walk outside with your dog quickly?

Or do you not want to use a collar because you are afraid that your dog will easily get stuck behind something? Then our NOOFF® hunting leashes are handy leashes to quickly leash your dog during a walk.

Why do we only recommend double-stop hunting lines?

By means of a double stop you can adjust the leash in such a way that it does not give your dog a 'strangling' effect. But the double stop also has the function that the leash does not slide over your dog's head while walking, so that your dog suddenly runs loose.

What is the difference between a round and a flat NOOFF® hunting line?

We personally use both the round hunting line MIKA and the flat variants. It's more what you like in your hand or what you're used to. So it's actually very personal. So choose what you like better. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a name and/or telephone number to the NOOFF® round hunting line MIKA.

Do you want a leash or leash that stands out in the dark?

Then choose the reflection hunting line - JESSY . When the stripe is illuminated or when light hits it, the reflective portion bounces. As a result, your dog stands out well in the dark.

Are you looking for a yacht line with name and/or telephone number?

You can now find them at NOOFF®! We stamp the desired name and/or telephone number into our NOOFF® lines in our own workshop. As a result, it does not fade compared to the traditional dog tags or if your dog's name and / or telephone number is stuck on it by means of, for example, a sticker.

What material are the NOOFF® hunting lines made of?

Our NOOFF® hunting lines are made of BioThane, from greased leather or a combination of BioThane and greased leather. BioThane has the advantage that it is easy to clean and waterproof. It also doesn't absorb bad odors, so your dog can safely roll through the poop and mud. Just under the tap and the collar is clean and smells fresh again. Would you like to know more about the BioThane material? Then click HERE.

For which dog breeds are the NOOFF® hunting leads suitable?

We have 3 different widths: 1.6 cm, 1.9 cm and 2.5 cm. But all lengths are also available. As a result, our hunting lines are not only suitable for puppies, but for all dog breeds from small to large. From Dachshunds, Jack Russels, Spaniels, Terriers, Labradoodles, Vizslas, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shephards to German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Every dog ​​breed can walk with a unique, trendy personalized NOOFF® hunting leash!

Design your own NOOFF® hunting line

At NOOFF® you can put together your own hunting line. As a result, you have a unique hunting line for your dog that no one else has. You can choose from many trendy BioThane and greased leather colors and 3 different colors of hardware. Do you still find it difficult to choose? We are happy to help you, please CONTACT us, because we only love that! Or take a look at our SHOP THE LOOK page or our NOOFF® Instagram account,

Handmade Hunting Lines

All hunting lines are made by hand in our own workshop in Arnhem. But we also stamp the name and/or telephone number in it. Do you want to know more about NOOFF®? Read our ABOUT NOOFF® page.

Hunting lines are also called fast walker, slip line, retriever line or moxon hunting lines.


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