Collection: Reflective dog collars and leashes

Do you want to walk your dog safely in the dark?

If light shines on the NOOFF® reflective collar or leash, the collar or leash will reflect, making your dog highly visible to other road users.

Made from the BioThane material

Our NOOFF® reflective collars and leashes are made from BioThane. BioThane has the advantage that it is easy to clean & waterproof. But it also doesn't absorb bad odors, so your dog can safely roll through the poop and mud. Just under the tap and your belt is clean and smells fresh again. Would you like to know more about the BioThane material? Then click HERE

Sizes of reflective dog leashes

We currently only have 1 width size in the reflective dog leashes, namely 1.9 cm. As a result, our NOOFF® reflective dog leashes are suitable for medium-sized dogs from 20KG to 65KG.

Sizes NOOFF® Reflective Dog Collar - SIMPLY CLASSIC

Our NOOFF® reflective collar is available in 2 different widths: 1.9cm and 2.5cm. Do you want more information about how to choose the right size for your dog? Then take a look at our NOOFF® COLLARS SIZE GUIDE.

Handmade collars & leashes

All collars are handmade by ourselves in our own workshop in Arnhem. But we also stamp the name and/or telephone number in it. Do you want to know more about NOOFF®? Read our ABOUT NOOFF® page.

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