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Harness Line Long Working Dog Non-stop Dogwear | Olive

Harness Line Long Working Dog Non-stop Dogwear | Olive

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What size harness is suitable for my dog?

>>Watch this video here so you can choose the right size for your dog

  • Step 1: measure the neck circumference, almost at the end of the neck, a few cm above the shoulder . (note: this differs from the neck circumference of a NOOFF® collar)

  • Step 2: measure the chest circumference, approximately 5cm behind the front legs/armpit

In stock

  • This harness absorbs less water compared to other harnesses
  • Y-harness for extra freedom of movement
  • Anti-escape harness ideal for anxious and working dogs

This dog harness model Line Long Working Dog is from the Non-stop dogwear brand. The harness has a Y-shape and is adjustable at 4 points, making it an anti-relaxation harness . This harness is suitable for daily walks but also for training. This is a super cool harness for your dog!

PLEASE NOTE: the harness is only adjustable around your dog's belly and not around the neck. Do you want a harness that is also adjustable at the neck? Then take a look at the Ramble harness model from Non-stop Dogwear.

Anti-escape harness

Because this harness has 2 extra adjustable straps around the belly , it is extra difficult for your dog to "escape" from this harness. That is why this harness is also called an anti-escape harness.

This harness is extra safe for anxious dogs , but also for dogs that can easily escape from regular harnesses. This harness model Line Long Working Dog from Non-stop Dogwear can be adjusted very accurately around the belly, so the harness is tight enough without causing any discomfort to your dog.

Do you live or are you going on holiday in a mountainous area soon? Then this is the perfect harness to use!

Because this harness is an anti-escape harness and the handle is in line with the spine, this is the ideal harness if you live with your dog in a mountainous area or go on holiday ! If something happens, you can easily grab your dog by the handle. But your dog is less likely to slip out of this harness with 2 belly straps compared to harnesses with only 1 strap around the belly.

Y shape

A Y-shape harness is the best shape in terms of freedom of movement for your dog. The shoulders and armpits are nice and free with a Y-shaped harness, giving your dog maximum freedom of movement. A Y-harness distributes the pressure over a dog's chest and shoulders, reducing the risk of neck and back injuries.

3 Attachment points for the leash or long towing or tracking line

  • on top of the back
  • on top of the back between the shoulder blades
  • At the bottom. Do you often use a drag or tracking line for your dog? Then attach the tow line to the bottom so that your dog will be least bothered by it.

Made from the best materials

The harness is made of nylon reinforced with Hypalon. This Non-stop Dogwear Line Grip Working Dog harness is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and abrasion. This means that you will enjoy this harness for years to come without having to worry about its quality. The adjustable parts are made of car seat belts, so they can also withstand a blow. The best metal buckles available today have been used in this harness for extra strength.

This harness is made of closed cell foam, which is a type of foam material with sealed pores that prevents air or water from passing through. This has the advantage that the harness absorbs water less quickly and becomes smelly compared to other brand dog harnesses. This also has the advantage that your dog will have no or fewer chafing marks on the coat. This foam is a bit stiffer compared to other harnesses and is therefore very sturdy.


The handle is positioned vertically (in line with the spine) so that your dog is less likely to get stuck behind branches, for example. This makes this harness extra safe compared to other harnesses. But because it is vertical, it is even easier to pick up your dog or help with exercises.


You can personalize the harness by ordering a Velcro nameplate for your dog. You can add your dog's name and telephone number to this harness. (unfortunately this is not possible with NOOFF®, but can easily be found on Google under: Velcro nameplate)


Available in sizes 4 to 8. Do you need a smaller or larger size for your dog? Then take a look at the Line 5.0 and Ramble harnesses from Non-stop Dogwear

2 year warranty

Non-stop dogwear offers a 2-year warranty on this Harness Line Grip Working Dog against material and/or manufacturing defects. You will either receive spare parts or the entire item will be replaced.


Why is the dog breed and weight required for this harness?

By entering the breed and weight, we do an extra check whether you have chosen the right size dog coat for your dog.

This prevents possible returns.

If we have any doubts about whether you have chosen the correct size, we will send you a WhatsApp message.

* Please note: you are ultimately responsible for choosing the correct size. We only offer this as an extra service. If we have any doubts, we will send you a WhatsApp message.

Is this harness suitable for all dog breeds?

This harness is suitable for most dog breeds.

Do you have a very small or very large dog? Then it is best to choose the Line 5.0 Harness in black, this model and color has the largest size range.

Which size harness is suitable for which dog breed?

Every dog ​​is different, your dog may be small or large for a particular dog breed. The following are guidelines for adult dogs:

  • Vizsla size M or L

Do you need help with the right size? Contact us.

What are the advantages of this harness?

  • This harness stays wet for less time compared to other harnesses from other brands
  • good and easily adjustable
  • Made from the best materials so it will last a long time
  • Reflective details , making your dog clearly visible in the dark

Can you wash this harness?

Naturally! Just try to do this as little as possible, so that your harness stays beautiful for the longest time.

You can easily brush and rinse this harness quickly if it becomes dirty. This prevents the stain from being absorbed into the fabric and becoming more difficult to remove.

Washing instructions:

  • First clean the harness thoroughly so that there is no hair or sand left on the harness
  • Do not wash the harness together with other laundry
  • Place the harness in a special washing net for delicate laundry , this minimizes the risk of damage to both your washing machine and the harness.
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Use a delicate wash program 30 degrees Celsius
  • The detergent should not contain bleach, otherwise your harness may discolour
  • The harness should not be put in the dryer. Simply dry the harness on a clothes rack
  • Do not iron
  • Chemical cleaning is not permitted

Is this harness also suitable for puppies?

The Ramble harness model from Non-stop Dogwear is most suitable for puppies. This is because it is easily adjustable at both the neck and stomach.

This way your puppy can 'grow' in the harness, but you will also enjoy the harness for the longest time.

You may need 1 or 2 harnesses before you can use a permanent harness for your dog. This depends on the dog breed. The larger your dog, the more different sizes you will need.

I have received the harness at home, how do I check the size?

When you receive the harness at home, check carefully whether you have chosen the correct size.

Let your dogs walk indoors with the harness. This way you can really check whether the size is correct. Only use the harness outside when you are sure the size is correct.

Make sure there is no smoking in the house. If you want to return the harness, it must be clean and free of bad smoke and dog odors.

How do I teach my dog ​​to put on the harness?

Step 1: Hold a treat in front of the opening of the harness and let your dog put his head through it. Never force your dog, but teach your dog to put his head through it himself.

Step 2: Fasten the adjustable abdominal straps

Step 3: start walking!

Why are not all sizes/colors in stock?

We have the most common sizes and/or colors in stock. You can easily see which size/color is in stock per size/color.

We can order more quickly , as soon as you place an order with us we will order it for you.

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well +200 five-star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use & test the products ourselves before we sell a product. We can then give you good advice if you have any questions
  • Available 7 days a week via the WhatsApp button (bottom right) or DM via Instagram

Delivery time & shipping costs?

Delivery time

  • 'ready to ship' items shipping: within 1-2 working days
  • shipping of all NOOFF® collars & leashes: within 5-7 working days
  • Have you ordered both a NOOFF® collar or leash and a 'ready to ship' item? Please allow 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered a Non-stop Dogwear product that we do not have in stock? Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your entire order

Postage costs

Netherlands: €5.95 - free shipping from €89
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All other European countries (excl. Bulgaria) : €18.95
Outside the EU: unfortunately no shipping possible at this time

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