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Orbiloc Dog Lighting

Orbiloc Dog Lighting

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  • Small light, suitable for small and large dogs
  • Battery lasts 100 hours with constant light & 250 hours with flashing light
  • Highly visible to traffic & waterproof IPX8

The Orbiloc dog dual is the ideal safety light for your dog. These lights are ideal for attaching to your dog's collar, leash or harness. Once you have these Orbiloc lights, you will never want anything else. THIS IS TRULY THE BEST DOG LIGHTING FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG.

Other lights or luminous collars break quickly, but these Orbiloc safety lights are really super strong and also available in nice trendy colors so you can also match them with your NOOFF collar or leash.

These lights are really vandal-proof , they are almost impossible to break and are waterproof. You can therefore also use the light when it is raining or when your dog wants to go swimming. Because these lights work on batteries, you do not have to leave the lights on for so long and you can always use them when you want to go for a walk.

With these Orbiloc lights you or your dog are visible from 5 km away .
The light is lightweight and has a flat design , making it also suitable for small dogs. These lights come standard with a sturdy rubber adjustable strap. This fits almost all standard collars, leashes or harnesses.

Contents of this package:

  • 1x Orbiloc safety light for your dog including Orbiloc battery
  • 1x Quick Mount
  • 1x Adjustable strap
  • 1x Service tool

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which color light is suitable for my dog ​​and/or environment?

    Also view the Orbiloc Color Guide below on the page to choose the right color for your dog and environment.

    Take a good look at what colors are common in your living environment. If you see a lot of red or yellow lamps in your area, choose a contrasting color Orbiloc lamp such as green or blue . Then the light will be extra noticeable to other road users.

    Red: Red light is the color that you see best from a great distance compared to the other colors. Red is the color for signaling and safety. That is why the rear lamp of a bicycle and car is also red. The red color is gentle on the eyes and does not disturb night vision.

    Amber: Amber is a bright and warm shade. This color is clearly visible in fog or gray weather, when this color often stands out even more. Road works or warning signs in traffic are often yellowish, which means that other road users are often extra attentive to this color.

    Yellow: Yellow is a color that stands out well in the dark. Yellow is the most eye-catching color making it a unique and useful color. The yellow orbiloc has good visibility in foggy and very foggy weather. The yellow light is soft for the eyes to look at, making it ideal for your dog's leash.

    Blue: Blue is associated with police, emergencies and accidents. This causes drivers to drive more slowly in traffic. The blue Orbiloc looks relatively brighter in low light.

    White: White is the color of bicycle lights and vehicle headlights. Also, white light is often associated with the forward direction of a runner or a person walking. Do you have a dog with a thick coat? Then the white Orbiloc is the best choice to choose. You can also use this white Orbiloc as a small flashlight, super handy, right?!

    Green: Green light improves night vision and helps enhance contrasts, especially in night vision. The green Orbiloc is most visible in water, so it is also ideal for divers.

    Turquoise: The turquoise color is a mix of the color blue and the color green. It is a nice neutral color that will actually suit both females and males.

    Pink: Do you have a bitch? Then the pink Orbiloc is a super trendy and soft color. And absolutely fun to match with a pink collar or leash. It is a color that evokes sweetness, politeness and sensitivity in people. It symbolizes energy, passion and fun.

    Purple: The color purple stands out from most other lights in rural or urban areas. This purple color looks modern and elegant.

    Black: Black is a minimalist and sophisticated color and has a xenon-like white light. This black color is often chosen because it is the coolest color.

    What are the advantages of these Orbiloc Dog lights?

    • 100% waterproof (IPX8) up to 100 meters depth
    • visible at a distance of 5 km
    • 2 modes: flashing 250 hours and continuous light 100 hours
    • long battery life
    • fits all NOOFF collars & leashes. (But also on harnesses/collars/leashes from other brands)
    • available in various trendy colours
    • 3 year warranty on electronics
    • easy to clean
    • super strong
    • resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to 50°C)
    • dimensions: 39mm x 19mm x 60mm.
    • weight: 22 gr.
    • Special lens design so that the light is also visible at an angle of 270°

    What do you do if your Orbiloc light no longer works properly?

    Orbiloc lights are really vandal-proof and are almost impossible to break.

    The most common reason why an Orbiloc light no longer works properly:

    • is often because there is a loose connection between the battery and the electronics of the light.
    • the batteries need to be replaced.

    Watch this YouTube video quickly and easily. (choose English subtitles on Youtube)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Mila de Saegher

    Heel makkelijk te bevestigen, super stevig en geeft veel licht!

    Langharige honden

    In eerste instantie vond ik het lastig om een lampje te zoeken omdat ik een sheltie heb. Dit houdt in dat je veel lampjes niet kan zien omdat er altijd vacht overheen hangt. Na goed gekeken te hebben naar welke kleur bij welke setting hoort hebben wij ons lampje gevonden. Wit is echt super voor langharige honden!

    Top lampje!

    Ideaal voor de donkere dagen! Gijs is nu altijd goed zichtbaar. Inmiddels hebben we al een hele verzameling en zijn ze niet meer weg te denken. Felle lampjes en ze gaan super lang mee. Echte aanrader!

    Sven Faber
    Goed verlicht!

    Makkelijk te bevestigen aan de halsband.
    Onze hond gaat nu goed verlicht de straat op, het licht is duidelijk zichtbaar.
    Wij kozen de kleur turquoise.

    Paulina (en Nemo)
    Sterk, klein lampje

    Het lampje is klein en toch vel genoeg om van een afstand te zien. Tijdens de donkere herfstdagen is dit lampje echt ideaal! Heb al veel complimenten gekregen dat we zo goed zichtbaar zijn. Zelf voor kleinere rassen kan dit lampje prima aan de halsband of harnas bevestigd worden. Zekers een aanrader. Daarnaast werd ik heel goed geholpen door Marscha.

    orbiloc kleurwijzer beste hondenverlichting

    Orbiloc Color Guide

    Which color Orbiloc light is suitable for my dog ​​and the area where I live? With this handy Orbiloc color guide you can easily make a color choice which light suits your dog best!

    Take a good look at what colors are common in your living environment. If you see a lot of red or yellow lamps in your area, choose a contrasting color Orbiloc lamp such as green or blue. Then the light will be extra noticeable to other road users.

    Each Orbiloc light has a different color. Do you have a dog with a long coat ? Then choose Orbiloc lamp in white or dark.

    If you live in a rural area with little light, choose the Orbiloc lamp in red.

    Do you always walk your dog on a leash ? Then choose yellow, red, green, pink, purple, turquoise or amber.

    Do you already have a NOOFF® collar or leash? You can match the Orbiloc lamp very nicely with your color NOOFF® set.

    I want this!