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Round tow line from 5 meters Waterproof BioThane | Nova

Round tow line from 5 meters Waterproof BioThane | Nova

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  • Waterproof & instantly dry for your next walk
  • A round long line slides more easily over the ground
  • Easy to clean & does not smell

Are you looking for a training line, field line, towing line, tracking line or running line? This is the ideal line, made from the round original BioThane.

Because this line is round, it glides more easily over the ground. The chance that your dog will get stuck on something is smaller compared to a flat, long (tow) line. But always pay attention, of course, because roots can still stick out of the ground, for example. This tow line is available in 2 different diameters, 6mm and 8mm.

Do you want the line to stand out among the grass or leaves? Then choose a bright color, note that the neon color lines are not reflective.

BioThane is the ideal product for a tow line. It does not stay wet and no leaves/twigs etc. stick to it. You can immediately put this line away again without getting your hands dirty! BioThane does not tangle easily compared to nylon tow lines. Once you use this once, you'll never want anything else again.

Unfortunately, customization of these round lines is not possible. If you want this, choose the LUKA flat long line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the dog breed and weight asked for this leash?

We want the best for your dog and a leash that is suitable for the right weight and dog breed.

We match the correct size/heavy carabiner to the weight and dog breed you enter. A smaller dog or puppy requires a smaller and lighter carabiner compared to a dog weighing 55kg.

Everything is tailor-made for your dog. You will receive a leash that suits your dog.

* Please note: you are ultimately responsible for choosing the correct size. We only offer this as an extra service. If we have any doubts, we will send you a WhatsApp message.

Which diameter is suitable for my dog?

  • The 6mm diameter is ideal for puppies and smaller dogs from 7-30kg
  • The 8mm diameter is ideal for dogs from 25kg - 80kg

To choose a handle or not?

You can easily tie and untie a loop in this long line yourself.

Do you only want to use this round long BioThane line as a towing line ? Then don't use a handle, because it's easier for your dog to get stuck on something with a handle.

Do you want to use this long leash as a long leash and always hold your dog ? Then you can opt for a fixed handle, but you can also tie a loop yourself.

How much does this tow line weigh?

0.6cm diameter including carabiner

  • 5 meters --> about 225 grams
  • 10 meters --> about 400 grams
  • 15 meters --> about 600 grams

For an 8kg dog, take a maximum of 12 meters, otherwise it will be too heavy. The heavier your dog, the longer length you can take.

0.8cm diameter including carabiner

  • 5 meters --> about 290 grams
  • 10 meters --> about 550 grams
  • 15 meters --> about 870 grams

The best thing for your dog is to attach the tow line to a harness with a hook on the back. This way, your dog will have the least amount of trouble from the leash, because then the leash stays behind your dog and does not put pressure on the neck.

What are the advantages of these NOOFF® long lines?

  • Because this tow line is round , it slides more easily over the ground . The chance that it will get stuck behind something is quite small
  • BioThane is super easy to clean , just run it under the tap and you're done
  • Does your dog like to roll around in dirt or poop? Our belts do not absorb bad odors
  • BioThane is waterproof & instantly dry for your next walk
  • This tow line is suitable for puppies and all dog breeds from super small to very large
  • You can put together the tow line yourself, with our handy designer tool .
  • available in many trendy colours

What material is this tow line made of?

This NOOFF® round tow line model Nova is made of BioThane.

Would you like to know more about the BioThane material? Then click here.

How do you know what length you need for your dog?

The length depends on what you and your dog like . Some dog schools also set certain guidelines for a length. Please inquire with your dog school about this.

The longer the length, the heavier the tow line becomes.

Are you still unsure about the size for you? Or are you getting a puppy? Please contact us, we can help you choose the right size.

How do you clean this tow line?

Do you often go to the beach or forest? It actually applies to all NOOFF products that if they come into contact with sand and/or seawater, the accessories and the BioThane will remain beautiful for less time. Of course, you don't have this when you walk alone with your dog in the city.

Do you want to quickly clean the BioThane tow line?

  1. take a damp/wet cloth and rub off all the dirt
  2. Dry your leash, collar or long line with a dry cloth
  3. FINISHED! You can use your NOOFF leash, collar or leash again at the same time for the next walk

Would you like to read more about how best to clean this NOOFF® tow line? Then click here

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use & test the products ourselves before we sell a product. We can then give you good advice if you have any questions
  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well
  • Available 7 days a week via the WhatsApp button (bottom right) or DM via Instagram

Delivery time and shipping costs?

Delivery time

  • 'ready to ship' items ship in 1-2 business days
  • shipping of all NOOFF® collars & leashes in 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered both a NOOFF® collar or leash and a 'ready to ship' item? Lasts 5-7 business days

Postage costs

Netherlands: €5.95 free shipping from €89
Belgium and Germany: €11.95 free shipping from €129
All other European countries (excl. Bulgaria) : €18.95
Outside the EU: no shipping

When we send your package, you will receive a shipping confirmation with track & trace by email.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Een aanwinst in je collectie de sleeplijn van Nooff!

Super blij dat ik de Nooff sleeplijn heb aangeschaft vorig jaar.Ik heb ook de lange lijnen van Nooff,maar de ronde sleeplijn is lichter voor je hond en ideaal als je een jacht hond hebt die je toch in losloop gebied los wil laten lopen met toch een beetje zicht erop!Ik wilde geen standaard maat,maar dit was geen probleem!Ik vind de Nooff sleeplijn een enorme aanwinst,en het is een geruststellend idee dat je toch je hond kan pakken in nood

Lange ronde sleeplijn

Heel blij met onze ronde lange sleeplijn. Erg sterk, maar niet zwaar (10m) en de kleur en het materiaal blijven erg mooi. Echt een aanrader!

Pluspunt voor de karabijnhaak

Eindelijk een lange lijn/sleeplijn met een karabijnhaak! Het is een veilige haak en is licht in gewicht. Wij hebben de lijn zonder handvat, maar je kan het er gemakkelijk zelf in en uit knopen.

Marye Smeenk
Lange biothane lijn

Er stond al een hele tijd een lange biothane lijn van Nooff op mijn verlanglijstje. Uiteindelijk is het de ronde geworden, zodat ik hem ook als sleeplijn kan gebruiken. Super blij mee! Ik wil voor de veiligheid altijd een karabijnhaak en dat kan gelukkig bij Nooff. Ook heeft ze goed meegedacht met de lengte en wel of geen handvat. Super blij met mijn uiteindelijke keuze. Gaan we veel plezier van beleven!

Annemarie Ligthart
Hele fijne lange biotane lijn!

Wij hadden een nylon sleeplijn en dat was voor ons niet helemaal naar wens. We gingen opzoek naar een biotane sleeplijn en zo bij Nooff uitgekomen. Wij zijn heel tevreden over de sleeplijn, mooi fijn, ligt fijn in de hand én zo licht als mogelijk ook voor mijn kleine hond. Ideaal voor in gebieden waar veel wild is!