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Dog leash with extra short holder Biothane | Lio

Dog leash with extra short holder Biothane | Lio

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  • Suitable for all dog breeds from 2kg to 65kg
  • This leash will not cut your hands if your dog pulls
  • Easy to clean & does not absorb bad odors

The LIO BioThane belt with double handle has an integrated short holder in the belt. Are you looking for the ideal 2-in-1 leash, so that you can easily keep your dog close to you when, for example, crossing a busy road or passing another dog? Then the LIO BioThane leash with extra handle is what you need. for you!

The LIO belt is available in 1.6cm and 1.9cm width and almost any length is possible. And of course you can choose from many different trendy colors and add your name and/or telephone number on the belt.

What are the advantages of these NOOFF® belts?

  • We can punch your dog's name and/or telephone number into it, it will not fade , so you no longer need a tag
  • BioThane is super easy to clean , just run it under the tap and you're done
  • Does your dog like to roll around in dirt or poop? Our belts do not absorb bad odors
  • BioThane is waterproof & instantly dry for your next walk
  • All our dog collars are suitable for puppies and all dog breeds from super small to very large
  • You can put together the belt yourself, with our handy designer tool . This gives you a unique leash for your dog that no one has
  • available in many trendy colours

What is the D-ring on the handle for?

You can click the carabiner on the d-ring when your dog is running loose and you wear the leash over your shoulders or attach poop bags to it.

This means you have your hands free when your dog is running loose.

What material is this dog leash made of?

The NOOFF® collars and leashes are made of the original BioThane, greased leather or a combination of BioThane & greased leather.

Would you like to know more about the BioThane material? Then click here.

Would you like to know more about the material fat leather ? Then click here.

Do you see the name and/or telephone number on the belt from a great distance?

No, deliberately not from a great distance. This is only legible up close. The letters/numbers are punched in and have the same color as the belt. So it is very subtly visible.

How does the NOOFF® designer tool work?

With the NOOFF® designer tool you can put together your own collar or leash.

The colors correspond well to the colors in real life , but each screen is set differently. As a result, there is always a slight color difference between the product and the screen.

Click on the BioThane, leather and hardware colors and you can see what your collar and leash will look like in real life!

How do you know what size leash you need for your dog?

Take a look at the NOOFF® dog leash size guide

The length depends on what you and your dog like . Some dog schools also set certain guidelines for a length. Please inquire with your dog school about this.

How do you clean this belt?

Do you often go to the beach or forest? It actually applies to all NOOFF products that if they come into contact with sand and/or seawater, the accessories and the BioThane will remain beautiful for less time. Of course, you don't have this when you walk alone with your dog in the city.

Do you want to quickly clean the BioThane belt?

  1. take a damp/wet cloth and rub off all the dirt
  2. Dry your leash, collar or long line with a dry cloth
  3. FINISHED! You can use your NOOFF leash, collar or leash again at the same time for the next walk

Would you like to read more about how to best clean NOOFF® collars? Then click here

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use & test the products ourselves before we sell a product. We can then give you good advice if you have any questions
  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well
  • Available 7 days a week via the WhatsApp button (bottom right) or DM via Instagram

Delivery time?

  • 'ready to ship' items ship in 1-2 business days
  • shipping of all NOOFF® collars & leashes in 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered both a NOOFF® collar or leash and a 'ready to ship' item? Lasts 5-7 business days
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