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The most beautiful designer dog food bowl available at the moment. A real eye-catcher in your interior, including 2 porcelain bowls.

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Are you looking for a design dog food bowl for your dog?

Then the dogBar is the food bowl for you! This is the feeder for design enthusiasts. This dogBar is super stylish and completes your interior! Because the bowl is not on the floor but slightly raised, this reduces the strain on your dog's hips, neck and shoulders.

This dogBar is available in different sizes and 6 colors and is therefore suitable for every dog. There is anti-slip under the legs of the dogBar so that it stays in place and does not shift quickly.

The colors white and gray have a CPL top layer and are therefore scratch and wear resistant and therefore remain beautiful for longer.

The dogBar is made in Germany and is made of real wood veneer sourced from locally sourced beech wood sourced from sustainable forest management. To protect the environment, the products are free of FCKW, PCP and solvents. The body of the dogBar is made of the same wood veneer as the legendary Eames Lounge Chair.

The porcelain bowls are made exclusively for dogBar from the well-known Reichenbach brand . The products of this porcelain factory consist of high-quality raw materials made with the most modern production and firing technology. Porcelain is much more robust than ceramic. Did you know that dogs generally drink more from porcelain bowls than other bowls?

The combination of the bent wood in combination with the porcelain bowl from the Reichenbach porcelain factory makes the dogBar a real design classic.

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