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What is grease leather?

Greased leather is a type of leather that only becomes more beautiful as you use it. It is treated with natural oil or wax, which is why it is called grease leather. The leather is always matte in color and does not shine.

Do you quickly get blisters on your hands because your dog pulls a lot? It is super soft for your hands and therefore you will no longer get blisters.

The color of oiled leather is deeply impregnated, so that the structure of the leather is clearly visible. But this also ensures that the color remains beautiful for a long time.

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  • it is a durable, soft and wear-resistant material. It can last for years, even if you use the leash or collar every day for your walks
  • greased leather has a matte look and does not shine
  • available in trendy colours
  • it becomes smoother over time
  • grease leather is super strong, therefore also suitable for the strongest dog breeds
  • good grip , feels comfortable and soft in the hand and does not cut
  • simple, timeless design and therefore extremely durable
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  • Also keep in mind that oiled leather can stretch slightly, so don't make your collar too big
  • Do not let your dog swim with a leather collar and/or leash. The more the leather is exposed to water, the more the leather will stretch.
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