Design your own dog collar or leash with name

From now on you can design your own NOOFF collar/leash or leash! As a result, you have a unique collar or leash for your dog that (almost) no one has.

You can choose from different trendy colors and 3 accessory colors .
With some articles you can even choose 2 different (contrast) colors. You can opt for contrasting colors such as red with royal blue or ton-sur-ton such as pastel purple with purple.
We have already seen a lot of beautiful unique color combinations, really super nice to see. :-)

Almost any length is possible. You can choose from a number of different widths. You can see this per product on the product pages or take a look at the size guides.

Personalization is also possible at NOOFF. You can have your dog's name or telephone number printed on it so that you can always walk your dog with peace of mind. In principle, you no longer need a separate badge, ideal. This allows anyone to call you quickly and easily if they have found your dog.

And now to get started?
* Design your own NOOFF collar now
* Design your own NOOFF belt now
* Design your own NOOFF hunting line now
* Design your own NOOFF long line now

Do you have questions or maybe you need help designing your own collar or leash? Or are you spoiled for choice with all the colors and do you want advice? Do you want a very specific length or width and can't find it? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you!


design your own dog collar or leash

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