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Dog collar Waterproof BioThane | Pippa

Dog collar Waterproof BioThane | Pippa

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How do you know which size collar you need for your dog?

Where do the holes in the collar begin and end?
1st hole | 5th hole >> this is the neck circumference of your dog

  • 2XS : 20cm | 26cm
  • XS : 24cm | 30cm
  • S : 28cm | 34cm
  • M : 32cm | 38cm
  • L : 36cm | 42cm
  • XL : 40cm | 46cm
  • 2XL : 44cm | 50cm
  • 3XL : 48cm | 54cm
  • 4XL : 52cm | 58cm
  • 5XL : 56cm | 62cm

Do you fall between sizes?
Take the largest size. Upload a photo of your current collar in the ordering process below. Or indicate the exact neck size in the comments field in the shopping cart and we will ensure that you receive the correct size collar.

Do you want 1 or 2 extra holes?
Then your stride range increases. For example size L becomes 34cm | 42cm & size S becomes 26cm | 34cm with 2 extra holes

  • Waterproof & instantly dry for your next walk
  • No longer a tag is needed, your dog's name or telephone number always remains visible
  • Easy to clean & does not absorb bad odors

This NOOFF® collar, model PIPPA collar is made from the original BioThane. The best part of this collar is if you choose 2 different BioThane colors.

BioThane is super easy to clean and does not absorb bad odors. If you want to know more about the BioThane material, read more here .

At NOOFF® you can design your collar yourself using the NOOFF® designer tool. You can choose from many different BioThane colors, but you can also choose the color of the hardware yourself! And that means you have a unique, trendy collar that no one has .

Of course you can personalize this NOOFF® collar by adding your dog's name and/or telephone number to the collar. You don't need a token anymore. The name and/or telephone number are punched into it, so the name and/or telephone number do not fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the dog breed & weight asked for this collar?

We want the best for your dog and a collar that is suitable for the right weight and dog breed.

Measuring the neck circumference is sometimes very difficult. By entering the breed and weight, we can better estimate whether you have chosen the right size.

You can also upload a photo of your current collar so we can check whether you have chosen the correct size.

Everything is tailor-made for your dog. You will receive a collar that fits your dog.

* Please note: you are ultimately responsible for choosing the correct size. We only have this as an extra service. If we have any doubts, we will send you a WhatsApp message.

Which size collar is suitable for which dog breed?

Every dog ​​is different, your dog may be small or large for a particular dog breed. The following are guidelines for an average adult dog:

  • Vizsla size L | width 2.5cm
  • Border Terrier size S | width 1.9cm
  • Standard Dachshund size S | width 1.9cm
  • Corgi size L | width 2.5cm
  • Australian Shephard size L/XL | width 2.5cm
  • Ridgeback size XL | width 2.5cm
  • Frisian Stabyhoun size L/XL | width 2.5cm
  • Golden Retriever size 2XL | width 2.5cm
  • Boxer size XL | width 2.5cm or 3.8cm

Do you need help with the right size? Contact us or upload a photo of your current collar.

Where do the holes in the collar begin and end?

1st hole | 5th hole >> this is the neck circumference of your dog

  • 2XS : 20cm | 26cm
  • XS : 24cm | 30cm
  • S : 28cm | 34cm
  • M : 32cm | 38cm
  • L : 36cm | 42cm
  • XL : 40cm | 46cm
  • 2XL : 44cm | 50cm
  • 3XL : 48cm | 54cm
  • 4XL : 52cm | 58cm
  • 5XL : 56cm | 62cm

It is best if you choose a size that places you approximately in the middle of the 1st and 5th holes.

Do you want 1 or 2 extra holes?

Then your stride range increases . For example:

  • size S becomes 26cm | 34cm instead of 28 | 34cm
  • size L becomes 34cm | 42cm instead of 36cm | 42cm

What are the advantages of these NOOFF® collars?

  • We can punch your dog's name and/or telephone number into it, it will not fade , so you no longer need a tag
  • BioThane is super easy to clean , just run it under the tap and you're done
  • the collars do not absorb any bad odors, so your dog can safely roll in the poop
  • waterproof & instantly dry for your next walk
  • suitable for puppies and all dog breeds from super small to very large
  • You can put together the collar yourself, with the handy NOOFF® designer tool . This gives you a unique collar for your dog that no one has
  • many trendy colors

What material is this collar made of?

The NOOFF® collars and leashes are made of BioThane, greased leather or a combination of BioThane and greased leather.

Would you like to know more about the BioThane material? Then click here.

Would you like to know more about the material fat leather ? Then click here.

Do you see the name and/or telephone number on the collar from a distance?

No, deliberately not from a great distance. This is only legible up close. The letters/numbers are punched in and have the same color as the collar. So it is very subtly visible.

If your dog is lost and people look closely at the collar, they can clearly read the name and/or telephone number. (provided this is on the outside)

Does your dog have a long coat? Then the hair must be pushed aside before the name/telephone number is clearly visible. It will be more visible on a dog with a short coat.

Do you often go to the beach with your dog?

The NOOFF® BioThane collars are ideal for this!

  • Then choose silver or brass hardware
  • But rinse your collar with tap water after every beach visit. This way your collar will stay beautiful for longer

It actually applies to all NOOFF products that if they come into contact with sand and/or seawater, the accessories and the BioThane will remain beautiful for less time. Clean it regularly so that the products remain beautiful for the longest time.

Do the colors of the designer tool match the colors in real life?

Yes! The colors of the tool correspond to the colors in real life . Only every screen, phone or desktop, is set up differently. As a result, there is always a slight color difference between the real product and the screen.

With the NOOFF® designer tool you can design your collar or leash yourself.

How do you clean the collar?

Do you want to quickly clean the BioThane collar?

  1. take a damp/wet cloth and rub off all the dirt
  2. Dry your leash, collar or long line with a dry cloth
  3. FINISHED! You can use your NOOFF leash, collar or leash again at the same time for the next walk

Would you like to read more about how to best clean NOOFF® collars? Then click here

Why order from NOOFF®?

  • Personal and honest advice
  • NOOFF® stands for quality , we always use and test the products ourselves, so that we can give you good advice if you have any questions
  • NOOFF® designer tool, which allows you to easily design a collar or leash yourself
  • Customers rate both NOOFF® and the products very well
  • Available 7 days a week via WhatsApp (bottom right button) or via Instagram

Delivery time and shipping costs?

Delivery time

  • 'ready to ship' items ship in 1-2 business days
  • shipping of all NOOFF® collars & leashes in 5-7 business days
  • Have you ordered both a NOOFF® collar or leash and a 'ready to ship' item? Lasts 5-7 business days

Postage costs

Netherlands: €5.95 free shipping from €89
Belgium and Germany: €11.95 free shipping from €129
All other European countries (excl. Bulgaria) : €18.95
Outside the EU: no shipping

When we send your package, you will receive a shipping confirmation with track & trace by email.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Wendy J.
Top halsband

Hele mooie halsband en geheel naar eigen wens en smaak samen te stellen. Wij hebben gekozen voor een matchende set in combinatie met een riem. We zijn echt ontzettend blij met deze set

Super toffe kleurrijke halsbanden van Nooff

Heel blij met de mooie,kleurrijke halsbanden van Nooff!Dankzij de Nooff designer tool,kun je zelf al zien hoe de kleuren met gekozen hardware eruit komt te zien.Dat maakt het nét even makkelijker om uit al die mooie kleuren de juiste combi te kiezen

Lekker chic 🤍🧡

Voor de herfst/winter wilde ik eens iets heel anders. Nou dat is weer gelukt! Terra met poeder 😍 Echt..ik ben helemaal verliefd op deze combi!! Bedankt weer Marscha, de set staat super!!

Twee kleurtjes

Deze halsband is top wanneer je twijfelt tussen twee kleuren of van kleurtjes houdt! De kwaliteit van de halsband is ook super en makkelijk schoon te maken.

Super fijne,mooie halsband!!!

Sindskort heeft mijn hondje naast een mooie lijn nu ook een bijpassende halsband!Mijn honden dragen niet tot nauwelijks halsbanden i.v.m gezondheids problemen,maar ik wilde binnekort een tracker aanschaffen voor mijn jongste hond.Dus mijn eisen waren dat de halsband lichtgewicht was en nauwelijks voelbaar voor mijn hondje.Omdat we al zoveel spullen van Nooff hebben zijn we voor een bijpassende halsband gegaan van Nooff.Een uitvoering in 2 kleuren net als haar lijn.Omdat fluoriserend geel niet tot de kleuren behoorde in het kleurenpallet,heb ik contact gezocht met Marscha van Nooff.En tuurlijk was dit gewoon mogelijk!Dat is het fijne van Nooff dat in overleg bijna alles mogelijk is😄Ik nam de optie naam zijkant+telefoonnummer binnekant erbij.En ik ben meer dan blij met de prachtige lichte halsband.Mijn hondje heeft er totaal geen hinder van,en de kleuren staan echt heel mooi!Het gevaarlijke aan Nooff is als je eenmaal wat besteld hebt,wil je je collectie uitbreiden😜Want er komen zeker nog meer setjes bij in de toekomst😉