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Tug-E-Nuff Wondabunny Powerball Bungee Tug with rabbit fur (60cm)

Tug-E-Nuff Wondabunny Powerball Bungee Tug with rabbit fur (60cm)

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Do you really want to reward your dog after a well-executed exercise, for example during agility, hunting training or retrieving exercise? Do not use a standard reward candy, but a reward in play using the Tug-e-Nuff!

This Wondabunny Powerball Bungee with real rabbit fur is ideal for young and older dogs that prefer to play and/or pull at a greater distance.

The combination of real rabbit fur and a powerball has an attractive scent and texture for most dogs. The bite area is approximately 17cm. The natural scent of the rabbit fur also makes this toy well suited for scent and thinking games. Hide the toy and let your dog find the toy. This is super fun and good as a mental challenge for your dog. Reward him by throwing the toy away and letting your dog fetch or pull together.

With this Wondabunny Powerball Bungee with rabbit fur you can play together interactively or use it as a reward after an exercise and/or training . You can throw it away, your dog can pick it up, but also play and/or pull together. All Tug-e-Nuff toys are made in the UK.

The total length, from handle to ball, of the Wondabunny Powerball Bungee with rabbit fur is 65cm and the Powerball has a diameter of 6cm. Because all Tug-e-Nuff are handmade, the exact size may vary slightly. Due to the organic nature of rabbit fur, size and density may vary.

Designed and compiled by Tug-e-Nuff's own training and playing experts. The PowerBall is easy for your dog to grip due to the grooves and a unique double texture.

Unlike traditional yellow tennis balls, which are often made of dangerous glass fibers, this specially developed PowerBall is non-toxic and does not tear easily . It is pullable, bounceable and lightweight (only 200 grams) so you can easily throw it away. The tug is brightly colored and spotted blue to help your dog easily recognize the tuggy, because after all, the color blue is the color that dogs see best.

There are three striking colors , but each PowerBall has a blue outer shell, because dogs can see this color well.

As with all Tug-e-Nuff bungee drag toys, the handle provides a comfortable grip and is made with two strands of shock cord , reducing the risk of jarring the dog's shoulder or neck during play.

Made from animal-friendly rabbit skin from the EU.

  • The ideal reward in play for your dog, interactive play & pulling together
  • Suitable for small and large dog breeds
  • Super strong toy, also suitable for puppies

How do I use this Tug-E-Nuff on my dog?

Do you want to properly introduce the toy to your dog?

  • Move the toy back and forth on the floor and challenge your dog. This way you make your dog enthusiastic to play with the toy.

Only use these Tug-E-Nuff toys to play with your dog.

It is not a chew toy. Are you not using the toy? Then store it somewhere your dog can't reach.

Are these toys suitable for all dog breeds?

Of course!

This pull toy is suitable for all dog breeds from large to small. But it is also suitable for puppies if they have very sharp teeth.

Be careful not to play too wildly or too hard with the Tug-E-Nuff when they are changing teeth, otherwise they can damage the teeth.

Can you wash these toys in the washing machine?

Of course! See below for each Tug-E-Nuff how it can be washed:

Wash the toys separately from your other laundry and put them in a special laundry bag.

  • Sheepskin & Fake fur & Fleece toys: wash on a delicate wash program of 30 degrees. Colors can transfer, so it is important to wash them separately. Let it dry in the open air, so not suitable for putting in the dryer. After the toy is completely dry, you can gently brush it.
  • Rabbit fur toys: these cannot be washed in the washing machine. Take a damp cloth and wipe off the dirt. Let the toy dry in the open air.

What are the benefits of this Tug-E-Nuff?

  • Bungee reduces shock to the dog's neck and shoulders
  • The handle is made of 2 layers of mountaineering rope ribbon making it extra sturdy
  • Handle made of two strands of shock absorbing bungee
  • Non-toxic natural rubber PowerBall
  • Durable toys and suitable for the strongest dogs
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should only be used under supervision

Is there a squeaker in the balls?

The balls do not contain a squeaker .

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super ding!

Wij hebben lang getwijfeld om de kleine of grote aan te schaffen. Wij hebben advies gevraagd en daarna nog even goed nagedacht. Uiteindelijk toch de grotere gekozen op advies! En we hadden deze veel eerder moeten bestellen, voor Peer is het nu zijn favoriete speeltje. Zelfs zijn eendendummy wil die niet meer pakken, want hij wil perse deze hebben😂. Het ziet er sterk uit en het is na een paar keer gebruiken nog steeds super mooi!

Demi & Juna

Onze Ridgeback Juna is niet zo van het spelen. Af en toe een balletje gooien maar na 2x halen is ze dat ook moe 🙈 aan haar eigen riem trekken vind ze wel fantastisch spel, maar dat is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling. Ik zag dit tug-e-nuff speeltje al een aantal keer voorbij komen en heb het uiteindelijk toch besteld! Met echt bont omdat dit het toch wat interessanter maakt. En ja hoor! Juna vind het fantastisch! We nemen het speeltje mee tijdens de wandelingen en ze vind het geweldig om hier mee te spelen, echt een uitkomst voor ons! En dan nog de super service die je van NOOFF krijgt maakt het helemaal af 😊 wij zijn er ontzettend tevreden over!