Collar and Leash with name and/or telephone number

Are you looking for a dog collar or leash on which a name and/or telephone number can be printed? This is possible at NOOFF®

Does your dog always lose his tag? Or does your dog find a tag annoying? Or are you going on holiday abroad soon? Then this is the ideal solution.

We can stamp the name and/or telephone number on almost all NOOFF® collars & leashes for a small additional charge. The name of your dog & telephone number does not fade and is therefore always clearly visible. The name of your dog and/or telephone number can be punched both on the inside and outside. It is even possible to add 2 phone numbers!

Useful! If your dog ever escapes or gets lost, whoever finds your dog will know your dog's name and which number to call.

Your dog's name can only be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS with a maximum of 8 letters.
With regard to your telephone number, you have 2 options with or without a country code, such as: (other country codes are of course also possible)
+31612345678 or 06-12345678

Do you have questions about this? Then contact us, we just love that!

dog collar with name and phone number

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