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Teckel draagt Tractive GPS Hondentracker Dog 4 kleur bruin
Tractive GPS Hondentracker Dog 4 kleur bruin
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What is the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker?

Tractive is the best GPS dog tracker at the moment. You can attach the dog cracker to any collar or harness of your dog. You can find your dog's location in the Tractive user-friendly mobile app. With Tractive you could always keep an eye on your dog.

Why do you need a subscription to use your Tracker?

First of all, you take out a subscription to be able to use your Tractive GPS. Via this link you choose a subscription that suits you and activate the tracker. The cheapest subscription is 3.75 per month. (you cannot take out a subscription through us) If you want more information about which types of Tractive subscriptions there are, choose your tractive subscription here. You can view, manage and cancel your subscription at any time in your own Tractive account environment. If you wish to cancel your subscription, auto-renewal will be disabled and you will be able to continue using the tracker until the end of the prepaid subscription period. TIP: Do you want to see if it's something for you and your dog first? Then first take out a monthly subscription. If you like it, you can opt for an annual or every two years subscription if you opt for a BASIC subscription. But Tractive even has the option to pause your subscription. Read more information about that here. So do you only want to use the Tractive GPS tracker during holidays? Then this is possible!

To activate your Tractive you need a mobile network to receive the GPS location of your dog to your own smartphone. The tracker already contains an integrated SIM card, you don't have to do anything for that, because this is included in the subscription costs and therefore the tracker can share the location anywhere in the world.

Download the free Tractive GPS App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store via your smartphone.

What are the benefits of the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker?

  • Water Resistant & Durable: Does your dog like to go swimming? Or does he like to take a mud bath? The Tractive GPS dog tracker can simply withstand this, because the trackers are shock and water resistant.
  • lightweight; The dog tracker is small and lightweight and therefore suitable for small and large dog breeds.
  • Long battery life; the battery lasts super long, but when your tracker is empty, it is recharged very quickly.
  • Real time tracking; If your dog is out of sight for a while, quickly check the app on your phone to see where your dog is
  • geofencing; set a virtual safety zone on the map and receive a notification on your phone when your dog leaves this zone.
  • Activities monitoring; With the Tractive GPS dog tracker you keep track of the number of steps, distance and time. (not always completely accurate in practice is my experience, it's just an indication)
  • Worldwide coverage; Are you going on holiday abroad or to a strange place for your dog? The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker offers worldwide coverage.

Tractive accessories spare parts

Have you lost your Tractive charger or are the rubber clips of your dog tracker worn out? We sell the tractive accessories, so you can walk your dog quickly and safely again! Always take spare rubber clips with you on holiday, because if something happens you can always continue to use the Tractive GPS dog tracker.

So do you want to take a relaxing walk or exercise with your dog? Do you have a dog that is easily distracted or chases its nose? Or are you going on holiday to a strange place for your dog? From now on you always know where your dog is with this Tractive GPS dog tracker DOG 4.

Important Tip: also turn on this GPS tracker when your dog is in the car, if something happens on the way, you can find your sweet dog more easily!

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